Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tiffany's Homage To The Great Gatsby

Photo: Tiffany & Co. collaborated with the film’s Academy Award®-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin to transform the fourth floor of the Fifth Avenue flagship store into a Jazz Age salon replete with urns featured in the film’s decadent party scenes.

On Wednesday April 17th Tiffany & Co. revealed their newest window display in homage to Baz Luhrmann's upcoming film "The Great Gatsby".  The original book, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was set in the roaring 1920's. This Jazz Age is the latest jewelry craze, and I absolutely applaud Tiffany for making that connection. The hottest designs selling right now are the micro beaded creations of Scott Kay and Neil Lane.  Both designers openly admit to drawing inspiration from the glitz and glam of old Hollywood, but bring a modern twist for today's woman.

Tiffany & Co. remain the pioneers of jewelry design and really stay ahead of the curve by realizing that display and delivery of a design is equally as important as the design itself.  When you display your jewelry, that's your moment to have a conversation with your viewer and convey your message.  Tiffany & Co. is unique in that they can successfully mass produce jewelry on a large scale, and yet at the same time, masterfully produce one of a kind pieces that become groundbreaking in the jewelry design world.

Photo: Today is the final day of our exclusive preview of the 2013 Blue Book Collection. Visit our Blue Book tab and enter the password BLUE BOOK to discover today’s glamorous new jewel inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby in collaboration with Catherine Martin:
Here we see one of those times where Tiffany & Co. flawlessly bring the Jazz Age to life from the watercolor designs in their Blue Book all the way to the vintage display cases on the fourth floor of their location on Fifth Avenue.  Even the interior decoration of the display room was antiqued to resonate the glamour of that era.  Jay Gatsby was written to be the life of the party, larger than life, and I do believe Tiffany created the perfect environment to echo that persona.



                       Photo: Brilliant diamonds effervesce like champagne, evoking the grand parties of the Roaring Twenties.


               images found on The Tiffany & Co. Facebook page