Monday, May 5, 2014

LAGOS Mother's Day Contest

Hello All! I recently started a new job with the jewelry company LAGOS, and we are having our first ever Instagram contest in honor of Mother's Day.

It's super easy to enter, just upload a picture of your mother and give a quick blurb in how her style has influenced you. Make sure to hashtag #MyStyleIcon and shout out to us @lagos_jewelry for a chance to win a pair of our signature caviar bracelets for you and your mom

I'm excited to see all these entries come in!  I think all us ladies can relate to raiding our mother's closet as children.  I know for me personally, my mother loves calling me her "human barbie doll" and jumps at any opportunity to dress me up. She's hands down my favorite person to go shopping with for this reason haha

So please enter so I can hear your stories and see your fabulous stylish mothers!