Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Boston's Children's Hospital using 3d printing to prep for surgeries

Modern technology never ceases to amaze me in the sense that we live in an era in which 3d printing constantly allows us to find ways to mend and fix our battered bodies.  In the medical field 3d technology has lent aid into seeing unborn fetus', 3d printing flexible casts and prosthesis, and now we are looking at it aid in life saving surgeries.

Most of us when we learn something new need perfect examples to mimic and copy to begin to understand the complexities in the subject matter of choice.  Same goes for the medical field, how familiar do doctors and students become with the perfect specimen of the brain.  You come to know what to expect and where things should be, but with nature nothing is perfect and abnormalities can make it difficult to predict what lies underneath the surface.

Now at Boston's Children's Hospital surgeons are prepping themselves for surgery by having 3d printed models of their patients' specific case. By creating a model of an individual's unique form, surgeons can better understand a problem and find a solution, before cutting into skin.

I really can see this lending a huge hand in difficult surgeries that would have never been considered before.  I can see this working in favor of brain surgery, in-utero surgery, and even in cases of conjoined twins.

Original article on Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/27/3d-printed-body-parts/?ncid=rss_truncated