Monday, May 16, 2016

My Favorites at the 2016 Met Gala

The future seemed bright in this year’s 2016 Met Gala, hosted by Vogue’s Anna Wintour, with the theme of a Manus x Machina: Fashion in the age of Technology.  This theme has often captivated the art world, a need to marry the concept of the organic man and the technological advances that rule our lives daily.  When we think technology, we often imagine sleek, silver, and shiny.

Claire Danes took it a step further in her now infamous Zac Posen gown that illuminated the red carpet.   Posen constructed the hand sewn ball gown out of lightweight organza fabric utilizing fiber-optics to give Danes an ethereal sheen.  Looking like a fairy tale princess, she wholeheartedly embodied the night’s theme of man x technology.  A daring risk to make, a literal translation could have come off odd or bulky, but in this case, Posen’s creation truly was the show stopper.  It easily trumped the repetitive silver gowns only glossing Wintour’s idea metaphorically.


On the other end of the spectrum we had Emma Watson who came to the Gala voicing her own message of Re-Fashion.  She worked with Calvin Klein to create her business savvy attire spun with Newlife yarn which is produced from recycled water bottles.  Her evening attire can be broken down into three parts that could either be worn together or separately. A look that is smart, sophisticated, and versatile that at the same time is environmentally conscious.  Watson pushes the message of a more sustainable future using the language of fashion and the power it has to inspire.  A strong translation that her idea of the future is to pull us back to Earth and to nurture our organic side.

These two looks were my particular favorites since they had polarizing statements to make, Posen embracing the future while Watson looks to preserve it.  I’d love to see combination of these two concepts to really push fashion boundaries forward.