Friday, August 5, 2016

Jewelry of the DNC

The Democratic National Convention is not the first place you would think to see remarkable jewelry, but this year had a tremendous amount of feminism was personified via wardrobe.

Katy Perry dazzled in her patriotic ensemble as she belted out her empowering anthems “Roar” and “Rise”.  The usually outlandishly dressed star had a more subdued look Thursday evening, wearing a sparkling neutral pencil dress by Michael Kors. She did opt to add a little of her famous pizzaz by donning 1970 vintage Bulgari. The neck-piece was from Bulgari’s 1973 “Stars and Stripes” collection, originally donned by that decade’s superstar Cher to commemorate the opening of Bulgari’s New York boutique.

The necklace was borrowed from Carlo Eleuteri’s personal collection, the bold piece glossed in red and blue enameling, accented by diamond detail to create a star spangled statement piece. The piece is fun,eclectic, and was the perfect addition to style Perry’s DNC look.

As gorgeous as Katy Perry looked, the real talk of the night was Madeleine Albright’s flawless “Shattered Glass Ceiling” brooch.  A very powerful piece worn by the first woman to become Secretary of State, worn as a symbol to continue to push social boundaries for the female gender.  Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential nominee for a major U.S. party, following in the steps of Victoria Woodhull who dared to run for president in the far less progressive time of 1872.  Albright acknowledges this by wearing a simple gold bar accompanied by crushed glass that glittered to catch every eye at the convention.  A very poetic piece exemplifying the pride Albright has for the women that keep us dreaming big and do not take no for an answer.